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Cranberry Walnut

Each loaf is packed with delicious walnuts and tart cranberries. It is a delectable yet healthy treat since walnuts are naturally packed with Omega-3 which help fight heart disease

Jalapeno Cheese

For a taste of the Southwest, the Jalapeno Cheese bread will leave you wanting more. The firey kick of the jalapeno and the sharp cut of cheddar is the perfect compliment to one another.

Everything Baguette

This delectable baguette has everything, hence the name 'Everything Baguette.' Basically, a traditional French style baguette rolled in a mega-mix of onions, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and toasted garlic.

French Bread

A simple and delicious french bread that is crispy on the outside, and light and fluffy on the inside. This 16 oz bread can be kept frozen up to 3 months and then thawed out ready-to-serve in minutes.

Sliced Loaves

A simple, natural loaf of sliced bread. You can choose from Russian, Sourdough, Wheat, and White. Available in an array of sizes.

Cema de Canela

This Latin favorite is a soft, fluffy loaf of sweet bread with a generous amount of cinnamon throughout. It is made in a variety of sizes and flavors, also available in whole wheat.

Garlic Bread

We took our delicious french bread and smothered it with a rich and savory spread of garlic and butter. After a few minutes in the oven, the aroma of the melted butter and roasted garlic will keep you coming back for more.